Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Advantages of Getting an Updated Business Database

People nowadays want to be updated in a lot of things. For example, a technology enthusiast wants to get updated all the time so that he or she can get the latest gadgets available on the market. By doing so, that person will not be left behind in today's current technological trends.

Now let us take this understanding and put into a business owner's point of view. Getting up-to-date tools for their marketing campaign allows them to acquire a high competitive standing in a more stress-free manner. As such, when contacting prospects through their marketing campaign, it needs a lot fresh leads to allow it to be completed with the greatest of results. These leads will direct the campaign in a straighter path as they will allow businesses to acquire an even greater chance of closing a deal with them.

Getting an updated business database is the best way to improve a b2b marketing campaign. Once the business gets a hand of this great tool for their marketing campaign, a lot of advantages can be attained upon doing so. Let us take a look at some of the major benefits of acquiring this database from a reliable source.

* Obtain a huge number of fresh leads, even on the first try
Many b2b marketing campaigns seem to be more of a trial and error adventure at its early stages because the business may either be using an outdated list or they are still building one. Purchasing the database from a credible provider entitles numerous fresh leads for the campaign. These leads are those possible clients that have not signed any kind of deal with other companies within the same industry as the one who has purchased the database. Hence, the acquisition of transactions from these leads is deemed as an even greater possibility with the aid of an updated database.

* Obtain a good number of praises from prospects instead of their complaints
Contacting other companies randomly is surely not the way to go for the business. Doing so can tarnish the name of ones business. The main reason is because randomly contacting people will generate a great deal of annoyance for the prospect.

Acquiring a business database from a reliable source means that the targeted market has been hit with near perfect precision. This allows the lead to feel that they play an important role in the business' eventful growth.

* Relieves the campaign of a number of possible errors
As stated earlier, businesses may treat their campaign as a trial and error basis during its early stages. During this period, a lot of possible mistakes can occur which hinders the campaign in quickly attaining new opportunities. With a reliable database, business owners will be relieved of a ton of errors for their marketing campaign. Hence, the acquisition of transactions from leads and prospects will be a lot quicker.

* Allow the marketing campaign to be more cost effective than before
Purchasing the business database might not come cheap. However, if purchased from a reliable source, it entitles the campaign to become more cost effective than one without a database. As the database is being lead along a straight path during its course, the probability of attaining a fruitful outcome from it will be very high. As such, the money that was spent in purchasing the database will come back in a the form of a huge increase on the business' rate of income.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Relevance of a Privacy Compliant Telemarketing List | Sales and Marketing Strategies

Expedited Discovery requires “Unusual Circumstances”

A recent opinion out of the Eastern District of Virginia states that “unusual circumstances” must be shown to grant a party expedited discovery. And the court adopted two prongs of the prior test for granting a preliminary injunction to determine when sufficient unusual circumstances exist: a strong showing on the merits and a showing that irreparable harm is likely.
A software development company, ForceX, Inc., sued its former vice president for allegedly forming a competing company that violated a noncompete agreement. ForceX’s complaint alleged (1) beach of duty of loyalty and fiduciary duty, (2) breach of contract, (3) violation of the Virginia uniform trade secrets act, and (4) intentional interference with contract. ForceX filed a Motion for Expedited Discovery seeking discovery in the form of requests for production of documents and a deposition to determine the extent of competitive activities. Plaintiff argued for two standards of review: one for an expedited deposition and another for expedited document requests, but the court found that “all requests for expedited discovery should be governed by the same standard....”
“Courts have found that immediate discovery ‘should be granted when some unusual circumstances or conditions exist that would likely prejudice the party if he were required to wait the normal time.’” Opinion at 5-6, quoting Fimab-Finanziaria Maglificio Biellese Fratelli Fila, S.p.A. v. Helio Import/Export, Inc., 601 F. Supp. 1, 3 (S.D. Fla. 1983).
It is not clear when these “unusual circumstances” exist. The court looked to a history of cases for guidance. Before 2008, the first two prongs of the Blackwelder test for a preliminary injunction—(1) the likelihood of irreparable harm to the plaintiff if the preliminary injunction is denied and (2) the likelihood of harm to the defendant if the preliminary injunction is granted—were weighed against the third prong—the likelihood that the plaintiff will succeed on the merits—to determine whether “unusual circumstances” existed. Opinion at 6. This test was a sliding scale so that as the plaintiff’s showing of a likelihood of irreparable harm grew weaker, their showing of success on the merits would need to be stronger to gain a preliminary injunction.
But after the Supreme Court decision in Winter v. Natural Resources Defenses Council, Inc., 555 U.S. 7 (2008), the Fourth Circuit determined that the Blackwelder test was replaced with the Winter test but did not say which portions of the Winter test a court should use when deciding a motion for expedited discovery. As a result, courts have considered two different standards in evaluating expedited discovery motions: (1) a modified preliminary injunction factors test and (2) a reasonableness or good cause test. The court in this instance rejected the reasonableness test, saying it is most logical to treat the motion for expedited discovery under a standard similar to the preliminary injunction standard.
Finding no clear answer as to when “unusual circumstances” exist, the court in the instant case used a variation of Blackwelder and considered two elements that were emphasized by the Fourth Circuit and the Supreme Court: a strong showing of the merits and a showing that irreparable harm to plaintiff is “likely” and not simply “possible.”
The court ultimately found that the ForceX was not entitled for expedited discovery. Plaintiff did not show it was likely to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of the expedited discovery. Despite Plaintiff’s argument that expedited discovery was necessary to find out about defendants’ products and potential customers in order to prevent loss of customers and business before it occurred through improper means, the court held that a potential loss of customers causing a decrease in revenue is not an unusual type of harm.
In many business litigation cases, lost profits can be a critical component of damages. Damaged companies may also be required to take steps that would mitigate their damages. But it can be difficult to take mitigating steps before discovering information about which clients were impacted by the defendant’s tortious conduct. This factor, however, must be balanced to protect a potentially innocent company from being bombarded by litigation pressure. So plaintiff companies in fast action cases, such as those involving business conspiracies, tortious inference and trade secrets, must be prepared in some courts to explain why their particular case is unusual in needing expedited discovery.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Get a Boost in Your Network Consulting Business with Telemarketing

You can put an end to poor business performance if you use IT telemarketing. It’s one of the effective ways to get more number of IT consulting leads that are needed by IT firms to boost their business operations. Also, technology telemarketing has proven itself to be very useful in improving the sales capacity of IT firms and in gathering sufficient number of network consulting services leads as well as IT management consulting leads. These leads can then be used to find new markets and increase the market presence of the company that used them. No doubt, telemarketing has provided some level of solution that can be appreciated by businesses in the IT industry.

Telemarketing as a lead generation tool has long been known by businesses. Professional telemarketers with efficient training and skills are able to deliver leads that are otherwise impossible to get with the use of other marketing methods. It's a good tool in gathering network architecture leads and IT management services leads. Aside from these, it produces network consulting leads at lower costs. Also, the leads are generated faster that gives customers more time to reach more prospects. And lastly, nothing beats a ringing phone in terms of getting the attention of people.

So what do you think of this strategy? Are you ready to give this a try? Make up your mind because this is an opportunity that you shouldn't miss. Make a wise investment now.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why Appointment Setting Services are Beneficial for Generating New Businesses

Direct meeting with potential customers is often more fruitful for business organizations. The results include more rapid development and improved business returns. But realistically speaking, it’s not always possible personally meet with clients and prospects. This is where telemarketing contact centers come in handy via their appointment setting services. These telemarketing companies are largely in charge for promoting and advertising their client’s solutions (goods and services). Overtime, they have perfected the skills of setting business appointments.

Essence of Appointment Setting Services

Appointment setting service is a type of marketing and promotions tactic. In almost each instance, this marketing style has been very efficient in enhancing businesses. Nonetheless, it’s a complex process and no firm could take the entire responsibility of it on their own. Naturally, it’s not realistic for businesses to spend their valuable time in setting up these appointments daily. In order to prevent these inconveniences, companies can hand over their entire appointment setting functions to any reputable and competent call center. After these contact centers receive the information and specifications from their client, use their capable resources and expertise to call and set business appointments. But take note that not all of these organizations are reliable, so it’s always important to choose the right telemarketing firm which has the likelihood of delivering good appointment setting service.

Advantages of Appointment Setting Services in Generating New Opportunities

Each business organization can yield many new business opportunities with the aid of these services. This effective marketing medium has become so popular to the consumers that they’re willing to spend a sizeable portion of their promotions and advertising funds on that. There are several firms which outsource their entire services to other telemarketing leads agencies. Doing this facilitate them in saving costs and make them focus on their core competencies.