Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Earn Hot VOIP Sales Leads Through Lead Generation

In business, telecommunication reigns supreme. In business and in private, communication is very important. No business can function normally without the help of information being passed around. This creates a need for firms to get the most reliable telecommunication service. And this is certainly one that telecom companies are more than happy to attend to. Of course, for such firms to get the most number of customers, then they would need the help of good telecommunications sales leads. Telephony sales leads are an important part of the total performance of the company. This is why it is very important for the firm to get all the telecom sales leads that they can get. To be sure that the quality of the leads they get is high, they will need to help of a professional lead generation companies.

This is where telemarketing services come in. While pundits are saying that outsourcing the task to other firms can hurt your business, there are those who say that this method has greatly enhanced their business performance. There are so many things that the company can gain with the help of lead generation services. They can find more markets, more business opportunities, as well as identify ways in which a company can best position themselves in the market today. This is certainly a business investment that should be given serious consideration.

The key here is for the company to look for the right agency that can deliver VOIP sales leads. This is an important part of the total business performance.QZJ4AMET4A3Z

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Use B2b Telemarketing for your Commercial Cleaning Business

While office cleaning remains a necessity, the way Americans view cleaning today is changing. For them, there is no longer a one-size-fits-all cleaning routine, that's why they look for commercial cleaning service providers that can do it all. In this case, if you are commercial cleaning provider yourself, then this can be your opportunity. This is where your role comes in because you have what it takes to do the job. Just tell them that you are available and they do have the money to avail of your service.

Finding leads for your cleaning business is an exhausting task. And if you do find b2b leads, still they can be just on a limited extent. For the sake of quality and of course numbers, you might want to hire telemarketing services from call centers. Telemarketers are the best when it comes to this job, and they will free you up to focus more on your core competencies.

By employing b2b telemarketing, you can generate leads and set appointments without leaving the office. There are many instances where this would actually be the lifesaver of your commercial cleaning service firm. One, more companies can be reached, two, more business deals, and three, there would be higher likelihood of a phone call becoming a workable lead.

For the past years, b2b telemarketing has proven itself to be the most cost-effective and effective method in generating commercial janitorial leads outweighing other lead generation techniques. You can benefit a lot from professional telemarketers. Not only would they be able to increase your chances of finding new markets, this would also prove to be invaluable in all other areas of your business. Do you want to have more b2b leads coming to your shop? Then you should let telemarketing do the job. Telemarketing and telemarketers are the best in what they do. And above all, they can guarantee that they will only deliver leads that are good and can be easily converted into a sale.

If you are into a commercial cleaning business in US, then there is no exception when it comes to needing leads for the benefit of your company. That is why B2b telemarketing becomes very important. Outsourcing it to call centers can give you complete management control over your lead generation and appointment setting activities, where efforts are directed and most of all in being able to measure results and control costs. In addition, there is no need for you to budget for heavy capital expenditures to use the service and b2b telemarketing can be stopped and started as you required.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lead Generation with Call Centers’ Help

In any kind or size of a business, each single lead is imperative. Sales leads are deemed as the core of a business and it’s highly significant that each firm would find each probable technique which would work in order to generate them.

On the other hand, most firms nowadays never have the luxury of time, experience and expertise to carry out lead generation services on their own, and this is the reason why they have to outsource to B2B call centers. These third party service providers have the ability to:

• enhance sales and marketing attempts in order to maximize the quantity of leads
• make the most of using referrals, emails, blogs, podcast, speaking events, webinars, public relations to generate leads
• oversee a great number of leads
• improve the percentage of leads who convert into lucrative customers

…because of their expert telemarketers and state of the art calling systems. In addition, their business operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that’s why they could yield quality leads anytime.

The unrivaled services call centers could guarantee that you and your sales personnel would no longer be wasting time cold calling. With their quality lead generation programs, you could attain first-rate business leads for they could collect interested prospects which are prepared to listen to whatever market solutions you offer.

Delegating your lead generation services to them would aid you and your sales team to obtain the proper contenders to strike businesses with. In addition, coming up with the right decision when selecting your lead generation business partner could also create a significant effect on your campaign’s success and how you compare to your competitor. Therefore, involve a methodical analysis of which firm to pick prior to getting on a working relationship.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wider Latitiude Given to Noncompetes in Business Sales and Settlement Agreements than to Noncompetes in Traditional Employer/Employee Agreements

A noncompete entered into as part of a settlement agreement to end litigation between an employer and former employee receives more latitude than a traditional noncompete signed before or during the employment period.

In a recent case, Plaintiff McClain & Co. Inc. sued a former employee for breach of an agreement not to compete that was included in a post-employment settlement and release contract to which the two parties agreed.

McClain accused the former employee of misappropriating $285,793 of McClain’s funds while he was an employee by submitting false payroll records for employee services that the employees did not actually perform. The parties then entered into a Settlement Release and Agreement a few months after the former employee was no longer employed by McClain where McClain released him from claims relating to his supposed misconduct in exchange for a payment of $250,000, and his compliance with a noncompete restrictive covenant, among other things.

The covenant provides:

The former employee agrees that for a period of thirty (30) months immediately following the Termination Date . . . , he shall not provide perform or undertake any Competing Services anywhere in the territory . . . (ii) instruct, hire, engage, or contract with any other person or entity to provide, perform, or undertake any Competing Services anywhere in the Territory; and (iii) own . . . , serve as director, officer or manager of, or control . . . any entity or business that provides, performs or undertake Competing Services anywhere in the Territory.

McClain accused the former employee of establishing a competing business, MPT, just six days after signing the settlement agreement. As a result, McClain sued for breach of contract against the former employee for violation of the non-competition covenant in the contract as well as conversion and tortious interference with contract.

The former employee moved to dismiss on the ground of failure to state a claim for which relief can be granted because the noncompete is unenforceable as a matter of law. His motion was denied as to the breach of contract and conversion counts.

The court decided that McClain’s allegation that the former employee established a business on a certain date that competed with McClain’s business is sufficiently specific and factual in nature to pass muster under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 8. The court also held that the phrase “upon information and belief” can be used when the factual basis supporting a pleading is only available to the defendant at the time of the pleading.

The former employee’s other attack on the breach of contract is a claim that the non-competition clause is unenforceable. “In considering the enforceability of restraints on trade, Virginia courts focus on the reasonableness of the restraint because the law looks with favor upon the making of contracts between competent parties upon valid consideration and for lawful purposes and therefore courts are averse to holding contracts unenforceable on the ground of public policy.” Opinion at 7 (internal citations omitted).

The court held that agreements not to compete in the employer/employee context as part of an employment contract are subject to more careful scrutiny. The test is whether the contract is narrowly drawn to protect the employer’s legitimate business interest, and is not unduly burdensome on the employee’s ability to earn a living, and is not against public policy. Id., quoting Omniplex World Servs. Corp. v. U.S. Investigations Servs., 270 Va. 246, 249 (2005).

The court noted that a noncompete like the one in this case which is part of a post-employment agreement has yet to be reviewed in Virginia. The court stated that greater latitude is allowed in determining a convenant’s reasonableness when it’s a covenant not to compete between a vendor and buyer than when it’s related to an employment contract.

Restraints are given more leeway for being acceptable when the noncompete is between a buyer and seller than between an employer and employee because “employees often have comparatively little bargaining power and less leverage for negotiating a fair deal, while the sale of a business more typically involves sophisticated parties coming to an agreement after an arms-length negotiation process.” Op. at 9, citing Centennial Broad., LLC v. Burns, 2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 70974, at *27-29 (W.D. Va. Sept. 29, 2006). “Restrictions on an employee’s means of procuring a livelihood for himself and his family” are more likely to threaten public policy interests than restrictions on a seller . . . .” Op. at 9, citing Centennial Broad., 2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 70974, at *28-29. The court noted that this same reasoning applies with the noncompete is between partners in a professional firm. Op. at 9.

In the instant case, the court held refused to hold the noncompete to the more restrictive standard applicable in employment cases because the former employee was not an employee when it was made and it was negotiated at arm’s length while the former employee was represented by counsel. There was consideration for both parties and it was not a “take it or leave it” situation where the former employee was concerned with securing a job. The court concluded that bargaining power was more equally distributed and reasonable in general. Therefore the noncompete was sufficiently circumscribed to survive the former employee’s facial attack on a motion to dismiss.

As we begin to see more categorization of noncompete agreements, Virginia courts are giving wider discretion to noncompetes in business sales and settlement agreements than to traditional noncompetes in employer/employment agreements. This raises the question whether a different standard may be applied to even more potential categories of noncompetition agreements.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How To Make More With The Use Of A Live Answering Service

Now that the holiday shopping season is with us, lot of shop and store owners like you would certainly be in a celebratory mood. That is, if your business could handle the number of customers have entered your shop. If not, then a ton of headaches would certainly be plaguing you now. But there is a quick and easy solution for that. All you need is to create a live answering service. There are plenty benefits of that you can gain when you set up an order taking or order processing service. What is important here is that you work with the right contact center. Such a firm can help you handle the flow of calls from a lot of customers. It can increase your efficiency in making a sale, too.

There are countless advantages that you can have when you set up a good customer service support network. First, your customers get an alternative to personally buying from your store. Secondly, it increases the efficiency of your firm in handling orders. Thanks to advancements in telemarketing techniques, you can be sure that your customers get the best service that you can provide. Thirdly, a live operator can help reduce the cost making a sale. Such professionals can also help you improve your image in the market that you are serving.

As a business strategy, the use of live answering service can bring a lot of benefits for you and your company. This is something that you should certainly consider.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

From the death of Osama Bin Ladena, the fall of Moammar Gadhafi,to the 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan. A lot of bad things happened in 2011, however there are good things too like the wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William which was watched by millions.

Looking back, 2011 has been a pretty good year.Let us look forward to 2012 with a positive outlook for better business and a prosperous life.

I wish everyone a prosperous and successful 2012.

Hello 2012

From the death of Osama Bin Ladena, the fall of Moammar Gadhafi,to the 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan. A lot of bad things happened in 2011, however there are good things too like the wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William which was watched by millions.

Looking back, 2011 has been a pretty good year.Let us look forward to 2012 with a positive outlook for better business and a prosperous life.

I wish everyone a prosperous and successful 2012.